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New ZHHE-Q series quilting machine
Click:4422 Date:2008-11-18 15:09:05

    New machine model  Servo system controls X and Y directions, and four servo motors control moving steps, which prevent needle pulling, and it is suitable for thick material sewing. Also thinner needle can be used. Mechanical structure adopts machine head moving and frame fixed, which take smaller space. X and Y direction uses linear guide rails. Automatic thread cutting function uses digital signal control technology. It can reach accuracy of 1/10000 ring, and ensure the reliability. Thick material is easily put into clamp with pneumatic machine head. Automatic oil lubrication system can extend life of spare part. LCD panel has auto adjustable holder. We use CAD software to make patterns.

    This control system and related structure are developed successfully. Some functions and technique are applied in some machine models. The new quilting machine will be launched, and pls looking forward.

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