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Characters of ZHHE-BD main shaft synchronous servo system
1. Using virtual main shaft technology, by automatic compensation and correction of the errors, machine can keep synchronization at the high speed or overloaded.
2. Servo motor and driver are supplied by two dependent power sources, which improve the anti-interference capability and ensure machine stability.
3. Servo synchronous signal uses CAN communication technology, which has high reliability and excellent ability of error detection.
4. Servo driver is designed by high performance chip combined with multilayer circuit, which can reduce the volume and no need cooling fan.
5. Servo motor uses Germany imported high precision encoder. Photoelectrical encoder has no mechanical consumption and can serve long time.
6. Intelligent error warning system, which means machine will stop automatically to avoid needle broken and show error point when any mechanical stuck.
7. Automatic shuttle function, internal servo driver is integrated intelligent study function, which can automatically memorize line hooking position.
8. One key automatic synchronous rotating shaft function is convenient for hook position adjustment and checking while no need rotating shaft by hand.
9. Automatic thread cutting function adopts digital signal control technology. It can reach accuracy of 1/10000 ring, and ensure the reliability.
At present, this technology is already applied to the machine ZHHE-A. And this system can be compatible with the original control system. Therefore it can be used in old machine transformation.

ZHHE-XZ control system characters
1. Machine computer can get the servo motor data synchronously, real-time monitor and adjust the position error.
2. Multi axis linkage control technology can control each step length.
3. All signals are digital signal, which are stable and reliable.
4. Remote centralized control.
5. Touch screen interface.
At present this technology is applied to the machine XZ-X, and this system will used on the new model ZHHE-Q.

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